The Art Of Storytelling : How An Individual Can Recover From Loss

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The Art of Storytelling Storytelling is an art that can take many forms. Stories engage people on all different levels and the greatest pathway to tell a good story is the use of emotion. It can also serve as a medium to communicate unsaid emotions. Stories educate and also preserve history by passing it carefully on to the next generation. Each person has a different story. One story is a just as fascinating and unique as the other and at some point in life one gets to realize that no two stories are exactly alike. Telling stories also present a way of understanding one’s life with a deeper understanding and meaning. Stories matter and sometimes all a person wants is a listener or just a way to know they are being heard. Very often, one feels the need to express the continually unfolding narrative called experience. In Beyond Katrina Natasha Tretheway writes the story, which was really like a journey back home. The book shows how an individual can recover from loss. Thereby showing after a loss or tragic event there can be recovery through resilience and hope. Resilience here can be seen in having to tell a story, however how many times one needs to. This helps things to be cohesive. Tretheway writes about her brother, who is in jail for a crime she can’t still bring herself to believe he committed. She is back home not only for her brother’s trial but to also bury her grandmother. Even the church in which her grandmother’s memorial is going to be held still carries the…
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