The Art Of War : An Ancient Military Treatise Written By Sun Tzu Essay

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The Art of War, is an ancient military treatise written by Sun Tzu, “Master Sun” in fifth century BC China. Although it is one of the first texts written on the subject matter of war, it is still renowned as one of the most comprehensive texts of this type. Similar to The Prince by Machiavelli, another early text, The Art of War can be difficult to understand. Interestingly however, many leaders still read this text today, drawing comparisons to unruly situations and war. This same dynamic can be seen in interpretations of The Prince, a text I found very interesting, therefore a similar disposition can be expected from The Art of War. The organization of the text is unorthodox, compromised of many one-liners making up thirteen total chapters: Estimates, Waging War, Offensive, Dispositions, Energy, Weakness and Strengths, Manoeuvre, The Nine Variables, Marches, Terrain, The Nine Varieties of Ground, Attack by Fire, and Employment of Secret Agents. For the purposes of analysis, the text can be grouped into three sections: planning, attacking, and situation responses. Some areas are easier to draw parallels to today’s landscape; therefore, these are the aspects to provide focus. As a tool of comparison, after a brief summary the book will be rated on a scale from 1 to 5 in four different categories: readability, relevancy, practicality, and value to an emerging leader. When I refer to planning, I do not refer to planning an attack but the planning preceding an attack. The

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