The Art Of War By Sun Tzu

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Kimberly M. Ayres
University of Houston The Art of Human Resources
The Art of War by Sun-Tzu, translated by Ralph Sawyer, has become a timeless roadmap to successful business management practices. This text provides valuables insights into human resources and the role it plays in the business environment today. Countless lessons can be learned from Sun-Tzu’s teachings. Specifically, instructions on proper strategies regarding planning, staffing, training, leadership and motivation are explained by Sun-Tzu and apply not only to military development but also have many business applications. These ancient lessons still have positively influence modern organizations despite being written centuries ago.
In order to properly execute a successful human resource strategy, planning is essential. Sun-Tzu discusses planning in detail noting that research and the proper preliminary planning before any steps are taken. The significance of proper planning increases the chances of victory. Sun-Tzu further discusses that deviation from these plans could lead to failure. Sun-Tzu states, “structure it according to the [following] five factors, evaluate it comparatively through estimations, and seek out its true nature” (p. 167).
This directly correlates to Chapter 2 of Managing Human Resources in which the text discusses six steps of strategic planning: 1) Mission, Vision & Values, 2) Environmental Analysis, 3) Internal Analysis, 4)…
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