The Art Of War Sun Tzu Analysis

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A general's military approach differs based on his education, experience, and mindset towards a given military scenario. In the Chinese work of literature, The Art of War Sun-Tzu, the author writes his keys to success in war including, strategy, tough generals, loyal men, strength, and mindset. The Roman written war guide: Vegetius, focuses on the warrior more than the strategy of war as an essential to victory. Throughout Vegetius the perfect warrior is described, the author portrays the best fighter as one from the countryside, a strong but not big man, a discipline and well-behaved character, all these attributes create the best warriors. No matter what an armies reason for success is the fact that they were successful implies their style generates victory. China and Rome both succeed because of their war guided texts, following their styles made them successful and dominate over others; however, their reason behind their styles for success are different in many ways. The Chinese focused on the broad view of war such as the strategy and necessities; on the other hand, the Romans focused on the specifics such as the fighter and his necessities. Although, both the Romans and Chinese focused on very different aspects to war their outcomes were the same: victory.
There are no limits to the interpretation of history; therefore, one can most certainly interpret the previous works of literature as either prior to the full development of its’ empire or during a defensive period.
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