The Art Pieces I Chose When Visiting The Detroit Institute Of Arts

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The two art pieces I chose when visiting the Detroit Institute of Arts are Cotopaxi by artist Frederic Edwin Church in 1862 and the Tomb of the Golden Engenderers by Carl Andre in 1976. The painting Cotopaxi was my favorite piece at the art museum. When I first saw it I was blown away by the beauty and skill of the painting. It is an oil canvas of the landscape in Ecuador named after the volcano Cotopaxi, showing an erupting volcano belching smoke and debris. It looked as if you were viewing the landscape in first person. The tremendous detail and crystal clear look of the painting left me in awe. The use of realism in his painting makes it stand out. The picture is very large and fascinating; the painting shows an emphasis on light and a passionate respect for natural detail. The color of the red sun and smoke of the volcano are shown with remarkable detail. The landscape and scenery of the painting makes it strikingly beautiful and allows the colors to burst. The artist allows for every landscape shown to compliment the other from the color of blazing sky, the massive waterfall plunging into the rocky canyon, to the dark chalky smoke of the volcano. The crimson sky reflects off the water in the distance. His painting shows the violence and power of nature with the explosion of the volcano obliterating everything around it in the distance. There is a small person in the bottom corner of the painting. The person surrounded by such a dramatic setting could symbolize the

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