The Art Scab George Grosz, Berlin Dada, and the Spartacus League

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The Art Scab George Grosz, Berlin Dada, and the Spartacus League I. Introduction A. Topic During post World War I Germany, the Weimar Republic was established as bourgeois capitalistic democracy. However, the period was plagued with income inequality, corruption, and authoritarianism. At the start of this period, the German Revolution spread around the country. In Berlin, the Spartacus League, founded as a communist alternative to the Socialist Democrats of Germany party, was pushing for a workers revolution to put in place a Communist system. The Spartacus League’s radical message, as spoken through their leader Rosa Luxemburg, would inspire the art of a young Dada artist George Grosz. A former soldier in WWI, he was an anti-war…show more content…
George Grosz showed, via his political art, the decay of society and the absurd reality vis a vi his art. Luxemburg and the Spartacists pushed for a spontaneous revolution because it would exploit the internal weaknesses of German society and thus create an opportunity for the masses to overthrow the government.Luxemburg stated in The Mass Stritke, the Politcial Party, and the Trade Unions that “The revolution is not an open field of maneuver of the proletariat, even if the proletariat was social democracy at its head plays the leading role, but it is a struggle in the middle of incessant movement, the creaking, crumbling and displacement of all social foundations. In short, the element of spontaneity plays such a supreme role in the mass strikes in Russia, not because the Russian proletariat is “unschooled,” but because revolutions are not subject to schoolmastering.”[2] However, what separated the Spartacists from the Bolsheviks is that instead of a party lead government, perpetual revolution would have kept the leaders checked by the people. This anti-authoritarian brand of Marxism would have appealed to Grosz, not just because of his penchant for his disdainful depictions of authority figures, but also because of his disdain for authority itself. Grosz’s Early Life and Military Service George Grosz was born Georg Ehrenfried Grosz ( he would later Anglicize his name in

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