The Art Teacher Entered The Classroom

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Frank looked up as the art teacher entered the classroom. What was he doing here? This was English, not art. "Do you have Iero?" Mr Way, the art teacher, asked the English teacher, Mr Brown. Frank 's eyes widened, not expecting that. "Frank 's in here." Mr Brown said, all heads turning to him. Frank blushed. Mr Way looked at Frank for a little while and nodded his head to the door. "Come with me." Frank nodded, scrambling to his feet and following the tall teacher. Seriously, Frank was really short. He looked up at Mr Way, feeling a bit anxious. The thing was, was that Mr Way fucking scared Frank. He wasn 't intimidating in any way, and always joked around with the kids, but Frank was just terrified at the mere thought of talking to him. Mr Way 's voice snapped Frank back to reality. "Do you know what class Toro and Ballato are in right now?" "Uh, Ray 's in literature, I think? And Lindsey 's in chemistry..." Frank said, trailing off. Mr Way nodded, looking at Frank. "Don 't be so nervous, now. You 're not in trouble." Frank wanted to say, "that 's not the reason I 'm nervous," but decided to instead laugh a bit and nod. "Follow me." Mr Way said, beckoning Frank with his hand. They made it to literature and chemistry, gathering the three kids and the art teacher in the middle of the hallway outside of Mr Brown 's room. "Alright. You aren 't in trouble," Mr Way eyed Frank, then, quickly averting his gaze to the other two students, continued talking. "you three

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