The Art of Argumentation

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Argumentation is communicative reason in situations where people sole purpose is to prove something through justified acts, beliefs, attitudes, and values. Argumentation is said to mainly rely on good reason and, that is the audience base to agree or degree with the agreement. In any situation every audience is different so therefore good reason can be impacted by culture, which let leaves the decision making to argumentation. Argumentation has become a part of ones everyday life, no matter the culture or the location. An argument can be made in a small or big way; it simple just depends on the situation. If 20 year old Tommy calls his mom and tells her that everyone in the world is going to be at the Adam Levine concert and if he misses the concert it will be the end of his social life. Tommy made an argument to his mother whether he was trying to or not. Debate is a big part of argumentation because it all about persuading and convincing the audience to understand or agree with whoever may be speaking. The process of inquiry and advocacy is debate. Debate requires two completive sides in an engaging head to head clash of support for or against a specific proposition. In this paper four to five different fallacies will be discussed, defined and shown how they co-exist in real life situations as well as in debates. The fallacies that will be…

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