The Art of Cake Decorating

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The Art of Cake Decorating Cake decorating is referred to as one of the sugar arts in the world of baking. Many aspects of baking, icing and creativity are involved with decorating and its competitive business. In addition to being beautiful works of art, decorating has been used to capture memories and be an inspiration. One may ask, what does it really take to be a great cake decorator and most importantly where did it all start? Decorating skills and techniques have developed greatly since three-tiered wedding and candled birthday cakes. The process has evolved to this day presenting beautiful towers of deliciousness. These unique creations also take us on an interesting trip through decorating history. As most know, cake is a term…show more content…
Even though tools are becoming easier to use and adding efficiency, decorating is harder than it looks. Being a cake decorator takes skill, technique, and creativity. Since decorating is a fairly new culinary art, things have been tweaked to continue making amazing creations for display and deliciousness. What really matters in the business of decorating? Speaking with a professional cake decorator opened doors and answered questions most people often wonder. Ultimately, education is a main factor, if a decorator has proper education along with skills, success can go a long way. Heather Boswell, a self employed decorator said she got started from a “friend of a friend who owned a bakery back in high school.” She realized she had a knack for it and noticed her unexpected passion for the business itself. Boswell attended the Art Institute in Charlotte but had no idea that she was going to pursue her love for decorating on the side. Heather also gives some insight about how different the cake business is now from when she worked in the bakery. She states that “Everything is more realistic now; at one time everything was one-dimensional but as equipment enhances, cake is more three-dimensional than ever. The business challenges us as they figure out how to utilize different materials for our unique creations.” Requirements for being a decorator are not that demanding but one must have a passion for what they do to be

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