The Art of Change - Book Review Essay

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Leadership and the Art of Change, gives an insightful look at how to lead change within an organization and most importantly do so with success. The author, Lee Roy Beach begins with a look at Wayne a young executive filled with desire to lead an organization on his own after several years of working closely with CEO’s. Wayne’s struggles are detailed by Beach as examples of how not to lead change in a struggling organization. In the end Wayne leaves the company for other opportunities knowing he had failed but not understanding how to correct his mistakes. This leads the reading into what Beach describes as leaders prime responsibilities in championing change. There are six prime responsibilities. Assessment, leaders
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(Beach, 2007) In conclusion Beach expands the analysis of change leadership. Some differentiations are made between CEO’s and other organizational leaders followed by for-profit and non-profit organizations. A matrix was designed to allow for differences in various organizations. The matrix is used to generalize analysis of change leadership as it applies to situations other than executives at large organizations. Each cell explanation then provides information as it applies to the specific situation as all organizations are not like the example of Wayne (cell#1). Beach ends with a word of caution, that the information he has provided is not cut-and-dried as the book would lead you to believe, that simply following the six prime responsibilities will lead to success. There is nothing cut-and-dried about leadership during the best of times let alone during organizational change. Beach relies on the reader’s willingness to suspend any arguments with his approach and view it with an open mind. Nothing replaces creativity, ingenuity, intelligence, motivation, and a good sense of humor. (Beach, 2007) THE METOPHOR OF POOR WAYNE

Poor Wayne, Wayne is a classic example as the old saying goes, “we are our own worse enemy”. Having the experience, drive, and desire to succeed this transformation should have resulted in a successful conclusion. The problem is Wayne failed to slow down, look,
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