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The simplistic art of contemporary drawing has always been concerned with making marks. Different artist exploit lines to make marks, which come together to express or create a feeling the particular artist is communicating. Drawing or making marks has been around longer than any other art form as cavemen where the first to discover the art. Since this time artist have been able to manipulate line and colour using not only pencil or graphite, but using charcoal, ink, water colour pencils and micro pens, creating a mixed media artwork classified as contemporary drawing art. The artists Keith Barley, Caitlin Hackett and Kiel Johnson all have very unique styles of drawing and the language of these artists have been expressed through the…show more content…
The layers of smudged graphite with distinctive white erased lines in the background give the critique a view of a dark, grey “once was” image which gives the impression that the story within the drawing has had a bad turn of events. The heaviness of the marks the Keith Barley creates in his emotive artworks represents the mayhem and monstrosity of things that many people do not see and choose not to show. Caitlin Hackett is another contemporary artist who uses her drawing to express “the relationship between humans and animals; the idea of the human denial of our animal nature and of humans as the dominant species, as well as the mutation of the animal created by the human interpretation of the animal.” She manipulates fine, curving directional line which allows the viewer to get a distinctive clear picture of the drawing created. Hackett uses subtle yet dark tone to bring out the mutated shape of her drawings depicting how humans have brought out the monstrosity side of animals as animals “are reduced to a kind of living taxidermy.” Caitlin Hackett has used black pens and pencils to create such dark beauty in artworks such as “Nocturnal”, using water colour pencils only when she wants to bring in a certain focal point. In “Insatiable” Hackett is expressing the point of if we humans are part of nature, is everything we have created, part of that too? In the foreground of
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