The Art of Film Making is My Passion

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I recently took a trip down to Tennessee with my family over the summer. This was our first time going down to Tennessee, and also our first time going this far down south. We rented a giant log cabin high in the hills in Wears Valley. On this cabin, there was a long, wrap-around porch on the second floor, with an incredible view of the top of the mountains in the distance. It was a fantastic trip, and I wanted to bring the whole thing home with me, so I did. My parents brought our video camera, and, me, being a film major, ferociously volunteered to be the cameraman for the duration of the trip. The setting of Tennessee was almost perfect for filming, because it is mostly rolling hills and vistas and open valleys. Every morning I would…show more content…
There is no need for a sound guy when the sweet, beautiful chirps and tweets of mother nature is all around you. Most importantly, though, is the lack of need for a coffee break, because you essentially work when you want to. Although making your very own “head-film” may sound like rubbish, it is actually a very good way to, aside from passing time, warm up your mind and trigger your sharp and creative thinking. It is even a great way for someone working in the film industry, mainly a higher-up worker like the director, to warm up and prepare him or herself on the way to the set in the morning and on the way home in the evening. Filming your own scenes in your head can really make you more creative than you previously thought. Film and filmmaking has been a huge part of my life for many years. All I have ever wanted to do for years was get behind the camera and take some ideas from my head and bring them to the silver screen and, in time, make a difference in the audience’s lives. I want to make people bring about emotions that they don’t normally feel. That is the theme of all the movies I plan on making during my life filmmaking after I graduate from college. Hundreds of films are made every year, but there are really only a few that truly bring up the emotions of everyone in the audience. I want to be the one that really taps into the power of the human emotion. I want to make a film that has the audience’s hairs stand up at every frame, every

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