The Art of Jihad Documentary

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Name: Ossama El Garhy
ID: 900113710
Section: 19
Date: 1/11/2011
“The Art of Jihad”

Documentaries have a huge impact on one’s thoughts and beliefs. The Art of Jihad is one of the most interesting documentaries I have ever seen. It is about three American artists discussing the stereotypes about Islam especially in USA, and how they try to reveal the actual meaning of Islam through their works. Non-Muslim people, especially non-Arabs, do not know the real meaning of Islam. These people always misjudge Muslims and think that Islam tells us not to be peaceful. This happens because of the corrupted media as it displays the wrong stereotypes of Islam. But after watching this documentary I found out that there are still some educated
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He displays a Muslim taxi driver, ”Mahmoud”, who argues about the fact that they made him a taxi driver, and says that they displayed him as a taxi driver because he is Muslim. Sandow uses the character “Mahmoud” to combat the stereotype that Muslims are poor and ignorant. Mahmoud also says that prophet Muhammad is a good guy just like Jesus, and they should not misjudge him. This brings us to the main purpose of this film; Sandow made this film to tell people that prophet Muhammad is not the evil or ignorant person who was depicted by Dante’ 400 years ago. So this film was to clarify the real personality of prophet Muhammad and his message. And to combat the bad stereotypes of Islam displayed by Dante’ years ago. He purposely chose not to show Muslims wearing any traditional clothes or outfits in order to show that Muslims are not ignorant and savages, and they do not live in the dessert and ride camels, but they are just like any other person living in the western society. Therefore, Sandow uses his works in media to try to combat this stereotype about Muslims. Also El Dajani focuses on that part and thus, he shows a part from “Dante’s Inferno” in his documentary to catch people’s attention in this part. Also this could change in children’s perceptions. Because children always watch cartoons, and this film was a graphical film. So children might watch something like this graphical film, which will affect their perceptions about Islam. So I think
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