The Art of Persuassion Essay

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The textbook Persuasion in Society defines framing as “a number of possible ways of seeing something, while it defines reframing as a way of seeing something differently; in effect changing its meaning”. (Simons & Jones p.179) Essentially these definitions boil down to perspective. How things are framed are simply what perspective they are shown in or which they are intended to be shown in. Reframing simply means that the perspective changes and adjustments are made on the fly. These concepts were applied in our class in some of the videos and movies we observed. For example, the video we observed on Republicans v. Democrats and how they frame certain language to be beneficial to their respective party and campaigns. Certain trigger words…show more content…
They have to reframe the entire story when his character gets himself killed, reframing it to the somber homecoming for the lost life of a soldier. The final reframing in the movie is when Dustin Hoffman’s character demands credit for the entire operation and is killed off, but his death is framed as a heart attack by the pool. 2. Throughout the semester I feel as if you were trying to persuade us of multiple things using multiple different methods. Firstly and most importantly, you persuaded us to come to class even though you did not enforce the attendance policy. You accomplished this by giving quizzes on almost every class day. By giving quizzes even though we could miss as many days as we wanted, our grades were still being affected by not attending. In some ways, although you did not enforce an attendance policy, the policy you did have in place affected our grade more than the standard attendance policy. By not attending classes, not only did we receive a zero on the quiz for the day, but we would also miss out on the discussion for the day, which in turn would affect us on the midterm or the final. By the same token, you also persuaded us to actually read the book. Many kids, including myself will just skim the chapter, but by asking us specific questions and testing us on every night we read, you ensured we actually read and understood what we
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