The Art of Persuassion and Speeches Essay

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Hundreds and thousands of people were affected by the famous speech made by Martin Luther King Jr. This speech was titled “I Have A Dream”. (Martin Luther King Jr.) It takes much skill to make this type of impact on this many people. But Martin Luther King Jr. was not the only person capable of persuading a crowd. In the book “Animal Farm”. (George Orwell) Squealer and Napoleon persuaded the whole farm to be part of a series of malicious activities. In speeches created and presented by Malcolm X you will find similar manipulation and persuasion tactics to have been used. History has been filled with people who practice to master the intricate art of persuasion. The art of persuasion is a skill that not everyone has, however,the “I Have A…show more content…
is trying to say how the country has what they need to be equal but they choose to not be. In this quote Martin Luther King uses a persuasion topic knows as affiliation. He affiliates what he wants with what the people can give. When he says “ live out the true meaning of its creed” (Martin Luther King Jr.) this shows that he has faith in the people to do the right thing regardless of the path they are currently on. It is like if somebody out right told you to change verses if they said they believed in you to do the right thing. He also mentions how all men are not equal and this is the biggest concern of the speech. In attempt to sway the listeners thoughts and emotions to those of his liking he uses hopes and beliefs. One example is when he mentions that he hopes his kids will live to see a time of no segregation. He also believes America will come together to produce a unified country. The speeches made by Martin Luther King Jr. and Squealer are considered to be very similar. One of the tactics that they both used was body motions. Martin Luther King waved his hands and Napoleon shook his tail back and forth. As you can see today his efforts at a unified country and a segregated less country have paid off.
The next speech was created by Malcolm Little also known as Malcolm X. It was presented on April 12,1964 in Detroit . This speech was given by one of the most influential

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