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The Art of War has been used quite frequently throughout the years by many intelligent leaders and scholars. The day of its origin is still unknown, as well as who actually wrote it. It is believe that a Chinese military leader named Sun Tzu is the author, but people nowadays begin to question if he actually existed. Some people say it is a collection of Chinese military strategies that were passed down generation from generation. Whatever the origin of these teaching is, it is clear that whoever developed these tactics was an extremely wise individual. Not only does The Art of War show us amazing strategies to use in war but a new way of viewing, and living our lives. We can use all of Sun Tzu’s basic principles in our everyday lives,…show more content…
Always try and find a way around your enemy, look for the weak spots and if you can’t find any make some. Another quote is, “You may advance and be absolutely irresistible if you make for the enemy's weak points; you may retire and be safe from pursuit if your movements are more rapid than those of the enemy.” This is basically saying that by attacking our opponents weak point we can further advance at a faster speed. By focusing only on the strong points we waste time and energy. Only when we attack all the small and weak point is when we can get ahead of the opposing side. Less energy is wasted and it saves up bucket loads of time to focus on our own defense system. Lastly, another of Sun Tzu’s 6 basic principles is character based leadership. Sun Tzu says, “When one treats people with kindness, justice and righteousness, and reposes confidence in them, the army will be united in mind and all will be happy to serve their leaders.” This is a key factor when battling your opponents, without this all will fail ad crumble. If a leader does not show kindness and fairness to his team, their will be rebellion and his forces will fall from the inside. Another great quote is, “Win the people, win the war.” This quote goes right along what Sun Tzu tries to show within this Diaz 3 principle. If you win the trust, confidence and

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