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The Art of a Marriage Proposal Do you remember your marriage proposal? Like so many others, one of my most memorable would be “The marriage proposal”. I found the pictures in the convergences book of the four different types of marriage proposal very interesting. It is thrilling to see the inventiveness that some people come up with to ask a plain but a momentous question. Although various approaches may be extremely expensive, others maybe personal and some might not even contain words. Regardless of the way “will you marry me” is asked there is no guarantee what the answer will be.
All of the pictures were similar as to their extraordinarily ingenious and creative flare. To think your fiancée would go to all the trouble of
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No matter the way, the pictures all display the same question. Will you marry me?
Granted that, three of these could end up taking a lot out of your pocket book and one of them cost next to nothing. For the first picture you would have to find a field of 40,000 square feet to mow, and then somehow get your fiancée in a plane to fly over the precise spot to read it. Depending on where you may live the third picture, may involve traveling to the Magic Kingdom for dinner that could become a big expense. Not only that but, what is the price tag on a glass slipper? Subsequently, the forth picture is a billboard. I am not sure if it is a painted sign or an electronic sign but, I would be inclined to think that it would be costly. This brings me to the guy that is watching his budget in the second picture, the proposal on a scrabble board game. Just think “free” if you don’t have the game you could borrow it. Of course, as you look at picture one and four they are personalized. The first one is to Stacy, and the fourth one is to Johnnie from Larry. Consequently because picture two and three are not personalized, depending on where the second one is being played it could relate to many people or just one. Then there is the third one, the glass slipper with the engagement ring, what if the waiter delivered it to the wrong table. That could be catastrophic! However, sometime you don’t need words to express the question. In the
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