The Article, By Signe Whitson

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The article, “Bringing an end to bullying,” by Signe Whitson sets to offer simple practices for use by educators and youth care professionals in the United States to prevent bullying in school. The writer suggests to increase adult presence in common areas, build connection with kids and deal with cyberbullying and recommends to teach good social skills by integrating them into school activities. A definition of bullying is stated along with anti-bullying legislative policies laid for local schools and communities (Whitson 50).
Whitson introduces bullying as a widespread problem faced by young children in United States. It is quite a difficult challenge not only for the oppressed but for the teachers and adults to deal with problems of bullying and cyberspace and finding one perfect solution for it, says Whitson. However, there are all kinds of fast and efficient ways that adults can use to manage the problem. According to the writer, complex problems such as coaching peer moderators, and drafting elaborated bulletin boards are difficult to implement. While, simple strategies and acts prove to be a powerful tool in overcoming and reducing acts of bullying (Whitson 50).
“Bullying, is defined as an unwanted aggressive behaviour repeated overtime that involves an imbalance of power” (Whitson 51). Efforts made by lawmakers led to anti bullying policies which were adopted by various schools and communities that clearly stated wide range of acts and behaviours under bullying
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