Gender Role Models. Who Needs Em?

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The article Gender Role Models ... who needs ‘em?! By Stephen Hicks encouraged me to reflect on my childhood gender roles as well as how I portray my gender roles today. After learning about the socialization theory I realize my parents were traditional towards gender roles and have incorporated multiple theories of human growth and development into my gender development. I have also learned how my gender roles have gradually transformed since I was a child. Therefore, this article has brought to my attention several feelings and thoughts about my past and how I was raised as well as how my gender roles have changed as I have developed. Throughout my childhood, my mother and father both contributed to my growth and development since birth, this lead me to believe having a mother and a father would lead to the best outcome in life. Socialization theory clearly represents how my family interacted with me when I was a child, for example “socialization theory suggests that one function of the family is to teach children the correct behaviors associated with their gender” (Hick, Pg. 45, 2008). I was continuously exposed to the correct behaviors for my gender and never any different. I was clothed in a gender specific wardrobe and only had the option to play with gender specific toys. My parents also enrolled me in gender specific sports; for example, I took gender specific dance lessons at the age of three. This showed me what was correct for my gender and what I should be
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