The Article I Chose To Review Is “Studying The Effect Of

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The article I chose to review is “Studying the effect of perceived hedonic mobile device quality on user experience evaluations of mobile applications” which can be found in the Behavior & Information Technology Journal. When people interact with digital artefacts they perceive their pragmatic and hedonic qualities. In the case of interacting with mobile devices and applications, users seek utility as they try to satisfy certain needs, but at the same time they have certain feelings and emotions when, for example, they feel attached to their personal phone and/or trust its brand. Because of the strong relation between users and mobile devices a significant problem occurs when researchers want to evaluate the user experience of a mobile…show more content…
After reviewing these papers, the authors determined the approach used by these other authors were misleading because they ignored to address the hedonic qualities that users might face when evaluating mobile devices. After they had set up their experimental design, the researchers split the participants into two groups and asked them to evaluate the same application on two different devices. In order to achieve accurate results, the researchers clearly picked two phones with very similar pragmatic qualities and very obvious different hedonic qualities. After considering these requirements, the researchers decided to go with an iPod touch 2nd generation and a Dell X51v. After selecting his devices, the researcher then had to choose the applications they would present to the participants to use. They decided to go with an application called beNatural. They chose this app, because one of the users had any experience with it also because software changes could be made easily to the app. This application, beNatural, tells users the environmental effect of a product they are purchasing. For example, the app would tell users if a certain product is recyclable or not. To ensure that the app was similar on both devices, the researchers modified the software to make the interface of the app similar
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