The Article Is About The Conceptsrelating To, “Psychopathology

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The article is about the concepts relating to, “Psychopathology - A Critical Evaluation of the Complex PTSD Literature: Implications for DSM-5,” which is written by Resick, Bovin, Calloway, Dick, King, Mitchell & Wolf (2012). Resick et. Al (2012) discussed the pitfalls that usually occur during the duration of a hindering factors that lurks in the darkness of an individual’s mind, therefore, will counter attack by eating away at the core of existence pertaining to reality which will cause an unbalance in a person life due to severe repeated psychologically traumatic experiences in society course of events such as war, bad accidents, natural disaster, rape, death and etc. (Resick, Bovin, Calloway, Dick, King, Mitchell &…show more content…
The reason that I chose to write about this particular disorder is because certain members of my family deals with this form of stress due to their combat status in the military field. It hurts on daily basis to see someone that you love so dearly go through an ordeal like this, which throws the entire family setting in a state of parallel or a warp stage. A person that suffers from this disorder has their good days in which life is perfect, but all of a sudden there are those dark, but gloomy days which carry a confusing plus strange measure of existence that this symptoms of PTSD can tear a family apart by causing problems in relationships, therefore, and making it hard to cope with daily life because of a flashback of severe trauma from the unknown of what they have seen on the battlefield. I pray each day for strength and assistance for the ones in my family to get well and deal with their turmoil relating to the disorder. People deal with PTSD by doing certain activities that will calm or keep them focused through a process of coping skills of handling the situation such as relaxation techniques and etc. Doctors from various fields of studies have debate, discuss and argue that their own technique of how an individual should receive treatment or medical attention is the best, but when it comes down to the hard, cold facts of existence none truly knows how the human brain

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