The Article Is Titled “Communication Modality Sampling

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The article is titled “Communication Modality Sampling for a Toddler with Angelman Syndrome” by Jolene Hyppa Martin, Joe Reichle, Adele Dimian, and Mo Chen. The authors explored three modes of communication, vocal, gestural, and graphic, with a young child with Angelman syndrome. The researchers investigated which mode of communication would be the most effective and efficient for the child.
Angelman syndrome can cause cognitive, communication, and physical disabilities. It is a disorder that affects around 1 in 10,000 births and for the majority of the cases, the cause is genetic. Angelman syndrome can be caused by an abnormality in chromosome 15. Previous research on Angelman syndrome and the different communication modes is lacking.
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This symbol is taught in gestural, graphic, and vocal mode. The modality sampling has many advantages, one of the most important being that it provides important intervention resources.
The main purpose of this study was to compare the efficacy of graphic and gestural modes of communication with a toddler with Angelman syndrome (Martin, Reichle, Dimian, & Chen, 2013). The participant was Adam, a 21-month-old male with Angelman syndrome. Before the study started, Adam was assessed in communication, cognition, and fine and gross motor skills. Adam did not engage in vocal imitation or turn taking. His mother reported that Adam would sometimes vocalize to get her attention, he would also protest, request, and express excitement. Adam’s fine motor skills were delayed, but he had adequate movements to produce gestures for the study.
Before the sessions started, the three researchers went through a role-play training. This was done to increase reliability and interobserver agreement between the researchers. The 44 sessions occurred at the participant’s house or at his day care center. The first session was a baseline probe and the rest of the sessions were divided into five phases. The sessions were held two times per week for five months. The materials for the study included three objects or activities that Adam liked or
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