The Article On Behr Iron & Steel

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The article on Behr Iron & Steel emphasizes the importance of lock-out/tag-out (LOTO) in safeguarding the life of workers. LOTO is achieved when a device is placed on a switch, valve, breaker, etc. so that reactivation of the equipment is forestalled. In addition, a warning sign must be put in place to show that maintenance activities are going on. Equipment is locked out whenever the flow of dangerous energy is cut-off and the operation of the equipment is constrained until the lockout device is taken away. While, equipment is tagged out, implies that a warning tag is placed on it to inform others that the equipment is undergoing servicing and must not be operated. It is imperative that safety measures is utilized together to give an optimum level of protection for those performing the service (Iowa State University, 2004).

However, the control of LOTO in industrial settings should be unified into production planning. This is done to focus on improving safety, lowering accident rates, and removing the cost of accident avoidance. According to Charlot et al. (2007), all employees must be sheltered from injuries that come from transmission of power that switch on machines accidentally. Also, all injuries that arise from the release of accumulated energy when servicing, repairing, maintaining and operating machines.

A detailed engineering analysis of the incident at Behr Iron & Steel shows that the management were engaging in sharp practices that endangered the life of their
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