The Article On ' Women And Psychiatry ' On The Science Museum Website

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The article on ‘Women and Psychiatry’ on the Science Museum website is informative however, the article has flaws. The purpose of the essay is to encapsulate the article and to guide us through its strengths and weaknesses.

In the first part of the article, given the title ‘Victorian Women and the Reform of Asylum’ we come to terms with the social expectations of a Victorian woman. Furthermore, we infer that society was conscious of the behaviours of women and anything that crossed the guidelines of their social norms was considered to be ‘insane’. Women who displayed ‘abnormal’ behaviour were admitted to an asylum, ironically at their father or husband’s request suggesting that male dominance was considered to be very important. We are then introduced to a type of treatment found by an asylum director William Tuke called ‘Moral Treatment.’ Moral treatment disregards orthodox treatment such as physically restraining patients. Tuke believed that asylums should have strict codes of conduct. Advocates of moral treatment also believed that the asylum should run by a male director because male dominance was defined to be ‘therapeutic.’

Firstly, the title of this part of the article is ‘Victorian Women and the Reform of Asylum’ and although the first part of the title is covered so there is a clear illustration of who Victorian women were and what they did, we are not given much information on how the reform of the asylums came about apart from the fact that they no longer

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