The Article ' Over Population Is Not The Problem `` New York Times

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In the article “Over Population Is Not the Problem” New York Times. On 13 September 2013, Erle Elis informs us that many scientist believe humans are exceeding the earth’s natural carrying capacity. That the expanding numbers are reaching the limits of our finite planet. Earths carrying capacity is estimated between 4 and 16 billion, and the world’s population stands at around 7 billion. In other words, we may have already passed the limits. It is estimated that by 2050, population will reach 9 billion. We are exceeding the earth’s natural resources and undermining the life support that sustains us. (Ellis) We are living beyond our means and are increasingly doing so as our population expands. This is a serious problem with major implications for future generations. However, there is many ways to curb overpopulation, one of them being women empowerment. Women’s empowerment has four proportions: having control over their own body, education, radical and monetary. So, what can be done about human population growth? Can we really change population trends? If so can we change them without undermining the core human values and the freedom of all? (Amy Coen) There are steps that can be taken in order to solve this problem. First step is, fully realizing everyone’s human rights, especially women’s rights. In the Organization “Global Population Speak Out” the activists state that gender equality is a very important part in stabilizing global population. They say “how well a society
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