The Article, Racial Disparities And Discrimination

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The article, Racial Disparities and Discrimination in Education: What Do We know, How Do We Know It, and What Do We Need to Know?, discusses what is already known about racial inconsistencies in education. It focuses on the impact these racial discrepancies that might be a result of bigotry. The purpose of this paper review is to uncover evidence that is related to the diverse instructive practices and the end results that the teacher’s actions, school staff, parents, and the students have impact student achievement. In order to create a positive and nurturing environment, there must be collaboration, commitment, and dedication from teachers, school district personnel, the students and their parents. This paper review is detailed in the content contained about the topic at hand. The author includes known information, identifies actions to be taken, includes uses for results, discusses directions for action, provides analysis strategies, ends with a conclusion of the findings, and is lastly followed by a thorough list of references. I did not identify any inherent bias within the document. The date of the article is September 2003, so the study is over 10 years old and there may possibly be current data to suggest in agreement or against. The author describes three preconditions all students need and have to receive for there to be effective and life-long leaning to take place. They are (1) there has to be an opportunity, it doesn’t matter how, as long as there is…
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