The Article Should Extinction Be Forever? Essay

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The article Should Extinction Be Forever?,Restitution, Restoration, and Reviving Extinct Species by Christian Diehm, discusses the concept of de-extinction, or restoring species that were once extinct by human cause. The concept is very controversial and various authors and scientists have their views on it. Although a good idea on the outside, de-extinction has many problematic factors associated with it.
The thylacine or “Tasmanian tiger”, was declared extinct in 1936 when the last surviving one was killed in a zoo. The concept “extinction is forever”, was disproven when scientists announced plans on restoring this species back to life by synthesizing its DNA, and cloning it. Many other scientists have started to use this manipulation to restore extinct species. This makes people question what de-extinction is aiming at. Is it a way of making amends to humans, or is it a matter of restoring the ecosystems that were once destroyed?
Eco-philosopher Paul Taylor has one of the most extensive treatments for the idea of restitution in his book Respect for Nature. Taylor describes “restitution justice” as being an essential rule of environmental ethics and views actions done with this rule as showing the most respect for non-human life, which he believes humans do not show enough of. Taylor states that the rule of restitution justice, “requires that one make amends to the moral subject by some form of compensation or reparation,” (Diehm 133). It establishes the duty to restore
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