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The article that I picked is from U.S News & World Report, it is written by ‘Robert Mendenhall’ and the title is ‘Change is Critical to the Future of Higher Education’. Robert Mendenhall is the president of ‘Western Governors University’ and also serves as a member of its board of trustees. The article is about how the future of higher education in the U.S is uncertain and that change is critical. In his article he talks about several key factors that require major change, in order to improve higher education. He says, “I am asked all the time about what I see for the future of higher education. Unfortunately, I think it will look a lot like it does today, because most institutions are resistant to any real change. Nevertheless,…show more content…
In addition to this close to 7 million students defaulted. This is a major problem that will very well affect the future of the U.S.

What the writer is basically talking about in this article is the importance of change in certain aspects in the education system that could help improve higher education in the U.S. He starts with identifying the problems and outline certain solutions. He has aimed it towards both students and the U.S government, to try and raise awareness. This would be done by recognizing the concerns of students and making the government aware of them. His purpose of writing this article is to initiate or lay the roots to possible change in the system. He identifies flaws in the system, relating them to actual problems faced by students and finally trying to make the government aware, so they could take particular action. The writer identifies the government’s plans to improve higher education by helping students pay for their loans, however he believes that focus should change to finding cost effective ways of educating. He supports his statement by giving solutions, like the adaption of new technologies to make education less costly. ‘To this day institutions have taken technology as an added cost, rather than means to increase productivity and reduce costs’. Another solution the writer puts forward is specialization, meaning that universities should only specialize in particular fields
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