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Sampath 1 Nithya Sampath Mr.Clarke World Core Literature 1 December, 2015 The Dominating Trash “Attacks of epidemic disease are as fatal in periods of commercial and manufacturing prosperity as in any others.”(Chadwick’s Report). Factories in the 19th century were brutal. People working there had low wages and many working hours. For laughing and taking breaks they get fined. If you get tired, you were whipped back to work. Working in the Payatas, a trash pile wasn’t as stressful but if another collapse occurs, it could take your life away. People working there had to scavenge through to find something that they could recycle out of and sell to get money and support their family. Working conditions were hard when it rained and the government did only so much to protect the people working in the Payatas but never helped them find another job. The Payatas is originated near the Quezon city in the Philippines. The Payatas is a trash pile which started in the 1950s. In 2000, a part of the Payatas collapsed onto a nearby neighborhood. Rain from various storms caused the Payatas to collapse. From the storm caused floods and fires destroying many homes. Many lives were lost. This caused a big mess in the country causing the government to close the Payatas. Originally the Payatas region was clean Sampath 2 and natural with a lot of fields. Using the fields, they grew food to eat. Creeks and rivers flowed near the fields and many homes. After World War II ended, Manila, a city

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