The Articles Of Confederation And The Constitution

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Jesse Ghuman
Jason Stratton
US History B17
The Articles of Confederation The first approved document of the United States was the Articles of Confederation. However, after a few years, the Bill of Rights replaced the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. The Articles began the Constitution but the articles had contained a lot of weaknesses so they had to create a new document. Few of the Article of Confederation goals were to bring the states together and establish a strong legislature. The main goals were to split up the land ordinance and sell it, which the colonists had set up. The Northwest Ordinance dealt more with the controlling of these new territories. In addition, although the Articles of Confederation was a weak document; after some time, the document lead to a convention to revise the Articles. This happened due to the fact the convention was held to revise the articles but the Articles of Confederation was thrown away and started all over again. Also, a weak congress was only one of the reasons it was started all over again. The Articles of Confederation were the first type of government that America had experienced, and from there, the government had mutated and became what we use today. The Articles gave each state their independence and granted very minimal power to the main federal government. Under the power of the Articles of Confederation, there were powers strictly reserved only for the Federal Government. All of the powers of…
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