The Articles Of Confederation And The Constitution

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November 15th, 1777, the Continental Congress created the Articles of Confederation. During this time, the Americans’ looked back on their experience with the powerful British government and decided they would do the opposite. The American’s wanted to ensure enough power for the government to do its job, but not creating too much power for individuals or groups. With the idea of the dreadful government in Britain, the colonist decided to use their new power and divide the federalism in a way that gives the states more power. Some of their priorities included a protection of rights and liberties as well as individual state power. Within this confederation, all the states had their independence and their own sovereign government. With this “firm league of friendship”, there opened a door for many drawbacks. The federal government was weak because the colonist did not trust the government, due to the abuse from King George III and his authority, so the states are almost independent nations. Under the Articles of Confederation, there was only one branch of government, the legislative branch, and the congress was made up of 13 members, one from each state. This meant that each state had one vote. The problem with only allowing one vote per state is the fact that all states are not equal in size and population. The larger states had more influence than smaller states, but only received one vote. In order to change any of these articles, all thirteen states had to agree, which was
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