The Articles Of Confederation And The Constitution

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Throughout American history, many Americans assume that too much power is given to one party or the other. The Article of confederation was important in the United States because it affected the way over government functions today. Specifically, under the Article of confederation, the United States was intended to be formed on a basis of Federalism. Within this structure of Federalism, states have their own rights and majority of power with its people. The federal government on the other hand, was design to play a small role in the nation. In comparison to individual states, federal government had less power and responsibility under the ideas of the Article of confederation. In sum, then, the issue is whether the Article of confederation had proven to be unstable and inefficient. The limitations of the federal government has sparked the question of why did the framers want to scrap the Article of confederation.
After the declaration of independence, colonies were looking for a form of identity. Colonies in this era were hoping for something to unite them in the form of a governing body. In an effort to break from the oppressive British rule, the colonies created the confederate of states. The confederate of states gave much of the power to the states. These powers given to states, created much bigger issues. States were free riding on each other; some didn’t even bother to show up voting day and didn’t pay taxes. Many issues within the states caused conflicts within the…
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