The Articles Of Confederation And The New Constitution

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The Articles of Confederation were one of the first documents to establish the functions of the national government. The articles, allowed the states to remain independent and the Congress acted as the last resort on appeal of disputes. Between May and September of 1787, The Constitutional Convention took place to discuss the frail central government currently in place. From this convention a federal government was established with a more specific role within the country; this role included powers in conducting relations with foreign governments. The Constitution has served as the basis of the United States Government since 1789. (Milestones: 1784-1800) This essay will compare and contrast the Articles of Confederation and the new Constitution of 1787, which will include the strengths and weakness of the Articles of Confederation vs. the Constitution, with specific examples. Next, we will analyze how the Constitution was drafted. Lastly, we will compare and contrast the ratification between Federalists and the Anti-Federalists. The Articles of Confederation really had no strengths at all; almost everything about the Articles was weak. The Articles did not really set up the government in the country, but set up the states to be sovereign and independent. The Articles had no separation of powers and checks and balances. They had no powers to impose taxes, and the government that was created had no significance. (Comparison of Constitution and Articles of Confederation, 2008)
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