The Articles Of Confederation

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With the dilemma of revising the failures of the Articles of Confederation, a group of people known as the Federalists; wrote a bundle of essays for the proposal of a new Constitution, also known as the Federalist Papers. The proposal of the U.S. Constitution was originally rejected by the anti-Federalists who opposed the idea of having a Constitution. In order convince those who were in opposition of the revising the previous Articles of Confederation with a new Constitution, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay wrote the Federalist papers. The authors of the Federalist papers wrote these essays in a way where it explained how the American government should be formed and the significance of the American government in how it relates to the daily lives of the American people. The authors of the Federalist papers also answered any topics that were concerning those who were opposed to the Constitution, as well as those who anxious if the newly proposed Constitution would be certain situations that they were currently living in. The authors also provided an ample amount of examples in history to strengthen their argument of the proposal of the U.S. Constitution, but that is not to say there were not weakness embedded into these arguments. Federalist paper No. 10 begins by introducing the idea that a well established government has the capabilities of controlling the potential violence and damage caused by factions. From James Madison’s perspective, a faction is a
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