The Arts : A Fundamental Element Of Ones Human Condition Essay

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The arts are a fundamental element of ones human condition as it provides a medium for the freedom of self-expression such as thoughts, ideas, beliefs and culture. Through this, worldviews are communicated and reflected. There is a natural necessity to create as it shares an insight into identity and culture (Wright, 2002).One who contributes, participates and views art, experience and demonstrate imagination, creativity, self-achievement, pride and pleasure. Through implementing arts into early childhood, it can foster and support a child’s mean making, self- expression and holistic development (Wright, 2002). The arts play an immense role in a child’s holistic development as it supports the links between body, cognition, spirit and culture. It is evident the arts have multiple benefits to a child’s visual, spatial, aural and bodily-kinaesthetic modes or multimodal leaning (Wright, 2002). Through this, children are able to record their thoughts and feelings without verbally communicating and this can be done through problem solving. In all environments and cultures, there is a vast amount of visual art that can be seen as a language and symbol system, becoming a powerful tool (Wright 2002). The creation and purpose for visual arts is for visual perception. The visual arts is where one can view and show representations of their values, ideas, history and culture and in relation to one’s purpose and context (Wright, 2002). Visual art is an important aspect to a child’s

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