The Arts And How It Is Beneficial

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The Arts and How It Is Beneficial Over the years, numerous studies and surveys have been conducted about the arts and if and how they are valuable. An overwhelming approval for the arts were shown in nearly all forms of studying the benefits of the arts. Online articles and other media are just a few samples of these studies. Among these articles, states how The arts are essential for the developing brain, for applying and learning skills, for maintaining positive mental health, and for building self-esteem. On top of many things art provides, starting and assisting the development of the brain for young kids is one of the best things art can do. There are a plethora of options and forms of creating art that encourage the expansion of standard skills that are mandatory for life. An article written by Grace Hwang Lynch for Public Broadcasting Service titled "The Importance of Art in Child Development" lists many skills that directly influence child maturity. Motor skills, language development, inventiveness, cultural awareness, and improved academic performance are all highlighted in the article as to what children learn when they are in the process of creating art (Lynch). "When children are in the process of creating art, they think about what colors to use […] shapes to make […] other thought processes as well as movement [like] painting, sculpting clay, and coloring [which] allows for decision making, focus, dedication, motor skills, and other important milestones.
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