The Arvada Center's Metamorphose

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There I was, freckly eighth grade me, sitting in the audience of the Arvada Center’s sparkly, pink performance of Legally Blonde the Musical. As Elle Woods belted “So Much Better”, the big Act One finale, I grinned from cheek to cheek. I couldn’t stop thinking her conquer over judgement was overwhelmingly life changing; I just didn’t realize how life changing at the time. Elle Woods, portrayed as the stereotypical blonde, gave others room to question her intelligence due to her naïve way of living. After arriving at Harvard she quickly realized her dilemma; she couldn’t succeed because no one gave her a chance. Many dance numbers later she learned she didn’t need other people’s approval, she only needed to accept her individuality. She showed…show more content…
As I sat enveloped in her story of overcoming conclusions, she taught my heart to embrace each quirky part of myself. I identified with Elle Woods’ need to prove herself. This idea of accepting individuality provided me with the courage to audition for my first show, the Arvada Center’s production of Footloose. Since that first nerve-racking, nail-biting experience, I have come to find myself through each move I dance onstage. Getting my first big role, the Dragon in a production of Shrek, I poured my heart out, knowing the people ready to judge and mock were watching. After the show, the peers who judged my intelligence approached me, saying things like, “I never knew you could sing like that.” Through performing I found myself again. I shifted back to the girl I was, the girl who cared about her morals. I want to perform, hoping to provide audience members with the ability to connect with characters who can offer them a point of realization, as Elle Woods did for me. Even though most scoff at the idea of Elle Woods providing someone with the ability to embrace the power they have in themselves, I choose to look past the scoffs and judgmental eyes and find the positive side to the corny story. Thinking back to this performance, I still thank my mother for taking me to see Legally Blonde. Because of the opportunity to bond with Elle Woods’ story, my life changed for the better, for good. My connection
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