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Firefly The stars were exceptionally bright as I strolled along one of the many paths that led into the local park. The public gardens consisted of a small wooded area, lined with fragrant flowerbeds, dotted with the occasional willow tree. Here one would find an oasis within an urban sprawl. Trees bordered the natural area like a green palisade, keeping at bay the city’s chaos and neon lights. One might forget the city even existed. Only the park lights and the blinking glow of fireflies cast any illumination at all. To a mortal, all was quiet. A mortal could not see the night creatures making their nightly rounds. I, however, could. Being a night creature myself allowed me certain freedoms mortals could not begin to imagine. My kind…show more content…
Their signals created a lovely dance of alien starlight cast adrift in the inky night. I could smell the summer flowers like a heady perfume, mixed with the scent of blood. I ignore the smell of animals. Their blood, though sweet and thick, simply couldn’t slack my thirst as the blood of human could. There was also the thrill of the hunt, to stalk and subdue my victims. Blood was my usual fare, but occasionally I feasted on flesh if my appetite called for it. Sometimes I would drain my victims dry, with others I took a drink and finished their life in some other way. I relished the skill of the hunter, practically gloried in my ability to kill. As I headed to the more secluded end of the city park, I found her sitting on a blanket near a clearing. She was a young thing, with honey-blond hair, and pale skin that reflected the dimming sky. She sat on the outstretched blanket in a clearing watching the night. Knees drew up against her chest, her legs shrouded in a floral print dress. I caught the whiff of her scent like a bee to honey. As I approached, I noticed she held a small penlight one might find on a keychain. Every minute or so, she flashed the light two times. This was curious behavior. I paused in my advancement to see the fireflies descend on her open hand. The insect explored her open palm until wing cases extended and flew away. I had to get closer. We were still in a public place where others might come at any

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