The As A Permanent Record Of God 's Interaction With His Creation

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It would be erroneous to assume that just one background fits the mold of Scripture, for a book with 3500 years of history, spanning many cultures and traditions, the Bible stands as a permanent record of God’s interaction with His creation. Taking no relevance of interpretation away from the Greek and Roman backgrounds, the Jewish or Hebrew background was most crucial to the understanding of doctrines such as law, faith, salvation, perseverance, and most importantly, love (E. Tolbert, personal communication, August 22, 2014). The Jewish background also gives way to understanding the work of the Great Advocate in both the Old and New Testament Times. In consideration of all these insights, the Jewish background garners most relevance as it draws clear connection between the Old and New Covenants (Hill, 2014, post 12). For without understanding of the old, there can be no understanding of the new (Sneed, 2014, post 9).
Christ Fulfills the Law
The original recipients of the law in the Old Testament were the Jews (Best, 2014, post 5). The Jews, being an obstinate nation, were quick to turn away from God the Father (Tirpak, 2014, post 8), as such, the law became an act of daily routine and duty to remain in fellowship with the Father. Those who understood the law rejoiced faithfully in anticipation of the coming Messiah, those who did not, rebelled (Tolbert, 2014, post 11). Jewish background in Matthew and throughout the New Testament alludes to the fact that God’s chosen

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