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As art becomes more prevalent, intricate, and sophisticated in culture so does its impact on a viewer. A viewer must experience a work of art and connect to it in order for it to be considered effective. Aristotle, one of the most renowned Greek philosophers, believes in this idea and that is why Ajax by Sophocles can be considered a work of art. Sophocles’ play follows a warrior named Ajax who was threatening to kill Odysseus to obtain the armor he believed was rightfully his, which causes the goddess Athena to cast a curse leaving him blind with rage and in a state where he slaughters hordes of animals believing that they are his enemies. Ajax later becomes distraught to the point of suicide. Bryan Doerries produced a version of Ajax to relate to veterans through his company, Theater of War. This company’s specific purpose is to "de-stigmatize psychological injury, increase awareness of post deployment psychological health issues, disseminate information regarding available resources, and foster greater family community, and troop resilience" through the performance of Ancient Greek plays to military and civilian communities (Outside the Wire). Because of this purpose, the audience is able to form an intense connection with Ajax and fulfill the purpose of art. While looking at Aristotle’s Theory of Tragedy and the six most important features of a tragedy, it becomes apparent that connection in all six features is the only way to create effective art. Bryan Doerries’…

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