The Ascent Of Money By Niall Ferguson

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Have you ever finished a book and said to yourself “Wow, I am going to reread this book again?” Unfortunately, The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson is not a book where you will likely reread it, instead you will be saying “Is it finally over?” Ferguson explains how money came to be in our society by starting off with the first use of currency to the end where money has become something we cannot even touch. As a person who is not interested in the history of money, but interested in my net worth going up, I believe The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson did a mediocre job on attempting to persuade us on how money is one of the backbones of human history.
Initially, the first issue of the book I did not like, jumping from place to place on the timeline. Ferguson begins with how, before money came about, we “primitive peoples chanced upon each other, it seems, they were more likely to fight over scarce resources (food and fertile women) than to engage in commercial exchange.” (Ferguson 19). Back then we did not need money; instead we just took what we needed. Then Ferguson jumped right into how the Spanish found gold and silver, then the Roman Empire, and then Mesopotamia. Ferguson should have followed a timeline and it would have made the book less confusing to read. In class, I understood what was going on in between those timelines, however if somebody just picked up the book and started reading it, they would be confused especially with how we came from the Spanish to
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