The Asia Pacific Foundation Of Canada

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1. The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (2005) challenges Canadian campuses to be more proactive enticing international students with better funding and a coordinated national marketing campaign. Conversely even greater work is needed to encourage Canadian students to venture abroad to study languages, cultures and business in Asian countries. The Foundation publishes a variety of Weekly Bulletins and in-depth reports. (Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada [APFC], 2005)
2. In this article discusses Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada (2014) student participation on Canadian campuses and the growth in two-way learning opportunities. It also raises concerns of the lack of support on Canadian campuses after international students arrive. Also an awareness of the multiple benefits international students bring to the classroom and their surrounding communities needs amplification to dispel fear and foster understanding. (Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada [APFC], 2014)
3. Altbach and Knight (2007) set out to clarify the differences between internationalization and globalization in order to gain a better understanding of what internationalization means for higher education. Altbach and Knight examine the motivations of internationalization and the actual realities of internationalization. They conclude that the motives for growth in international higher education are to access the global markets but institutions should focus on the overall benefits to the public and not simply view…

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