The Aspect Of Faux Furs In The Fashion Industry

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The Aspect of Faux Furs in the Fashion Industry Faux (f-oh) – Made in imitation; Fake Faux furs in the fashion industry is the only moral substitute against real furs. Furs in the fashion industry, is it moral? This has been an alarming question for quite some time. In response, the creation of Faux furs has taken the industry by storm. For years, the bearing of fur in fashion was associated with wealth, luxury, and glamour. With this perception of status, comes the perception of faux furs. Associated with cheap, knock-offs of furs; identified as “a cheap imitation for the mass markets.”- (Trew, 2012). Faux furs have taken primary standpoint for use of fashion, and are a predominant political statement in the industry. Designers are using faux fur in a proud statement against the fur industry. Faux furs are being used as political protest statements, and have evolved into a creature of their own from a life of being a tacky counterfeit. While faux fur has very recently created a strong positive presence in fashion, it’s debate has been dated back to the 19th century. PETA’s campaign of naked celebrities protested that ‘they would rather go naked than wear fur’; while David Bailey’s Dumb Animals campaign for Greenpeace protested that ‘It takes 40 dumb animals to make a fur coat, but only one to wear them.’ These campaigns were some of the most publicized and controversial and took place in a controversial time for the great fur debate, the eighties and nineties. The protest
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