The Aspects Of Marriage In Love : The Love Of Love

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Marriage was never something that Lexi had viewed with much enthusiasm, having viewed the love-less union of her parents and many other society couples as she grew up. Love had never seemed to be a factor in most of their matches, a man and woman usually only getting married to unite two families for monetary or political gain. The small number of people she could recall getting married because they were in love was very small, and it seemed that most of them stepped out of the society circles by choice or force after their union. With such examples as those she had never much looked forward to her own wedding like most young girls do, dreaming about the perfect Prince Charming to come and sweep them away.

Lexi had known she would probably not have much say in the matter – the choice of groom, ceremony, or anything else. Reluctantly she had come to terms with that notion, until she met a young Richard Treloar that is. A small bubble of hope had begun to form inside of her that perhaps she could be one of the few that married for love instead of money, but it didn’t take her father long to violently burst that bubble. All notions of a romantic marriage fled after that, until she had become re-acquainted with her first love. After everything they had been through and everything that was yet to come marriage still hadn’t been the first thing on her mind, but his teasing remarks and calling her by his last name didn’t fail to excite her.

The way they could laugh and tease each
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