The Aspects Of My Interview Style

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Part one will discuss the aspects of my interview style. This will include how I felt about my performance and what I wished I have done differently. It also, will include the things that I believe I did my best when conducting the interviews with the client.
What skills do you notice in your interview style? The skills that I noticed during my interview style was that I was an active and attentive listener. I believe that I let the client discuss her situation, while doing so, I emphasized that I understood how hard it could be being a single parent. I believe I could have been a little more reflective, but my client spoke a lot and I did not want to interrupt her. I also believe that I done well in recognizing my client’s strengths.
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Warmth and genuineness is another quality that I practiced well, I welcomed the client each time smiling and just being happy to see her. I did notice that I kept trying to rest my hand on my chin and messing with my bangs, this could have been a distraction for the client and I did not realize this until I went back and watched the videos.
How do you think the other person saw you? My client may have seen me as someone to go and vent to about her current situation in life. Since I allowed the client to speak about anything that was concerning her, she had the freedom to do so. I think she may have saw me more as a facilitator, by linking her to parenting classes and the WIN job center. I believe that the client and I did not have any misunderstanding and we were able to discuss openly and clear during our visits.
How do you know your interview was effective? One of the problems presented by the client was that she wanted to become a better parent. Therefore, I informed the client about parenting classes. She stated that her son was acting out and disciplining him seemed to be ineffective. I gave her the options of going another route on how to discipline the child. I explained that there were different methods to use while disciplining her child, one was time out or taking away one of his toys. After the client visited the parenting classes, she said the classes went into detail
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