The Aspiring Author's Tale

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The Aspiring Author’s Tale
The cool autumn wind gusted through as the travelers continued their journey. The weary wanderers decided to take a rest and have a meal. As the group sat in silence, the Aspiring Author stood up.
“I volunteer to tell a tale while we rest. I will tell a tale; a tale of adventure, bravery and unity, so sit near and listen closely,” the Aspiring Author declared.
A long time ago in a far away land there was a forest named The Oaklands. The Oaklands were large and lively and many creatures inhabited it. The Oaklands were ruled by the Order, who was known for their wisdom. Emperor Turtle was in control of the Willowlands
The creatures followed the laws of the Emperor, for outside the Oaklands was a dark and dangerous
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Please go check,” Krystal Vulpes replied,
Maddox Vulpes went to open the door, but suddenly, many wolves burst into the residence. Krystal Vulpes hid her daughter quickly, giving her one last goodbye. Maddox and Krystal were forced outside, and the young cub never saw them again.
Many years later, Clare lived in a small cottage by herself; isolated.
All the other foxes had disappeared from The Oaklands, and Clare had asked many creatures why. However, she never got an answer, for the other creatures either didn’t know or didn’t want to tell her. In their eyes, Clare was another dishonest fox. Clare had tried to ask Emperor Turtle many times, but she did not even make it past the front gate of his palace. That day, Clare was traveling through the Oaklands. The cool autumn breeze relaxed her, and the sound of leaves crunching under her paws made her feel comfortable. An unusual noise disturbed her peaceful state, and Clare quickly turned around, “Hello? Who is there?” She asked, but didn’t receive any reply.
She continued strolling until she heard a shout. Clare bolted towards the scream, and stopped when she saw the most odd sight. A young bunny the color of brown sugar was surrounded by a pack of ravenous
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Ivy stretched along the walls, and Clare stood in amazement.
“This is beautiful,” Clare said in awe.
Clare then thought of the animals back in the Willowlands. What they thought of her; what they thought of the fox kind.
Clare stood on a large boulder and announced,
“Foxes, I am Clare, daughter of the Leader Maddox Vulpes. I have come here to announce that we should move back to the Willowlands. Other creatures think of us as tricksters, sly dishonest creatures. We have to prove them wrong!”
It was silent. Until the wolf, Alpha, clapped, and suddenly all the other foxes clapped as well, excited to take back their rightful place. The foxes were prepped for battle. They wore armor to protect them, and had brave hearts ready for battle. They started their march into the WIllowlands, and when they finally reached their destination; they stood brave in the face of danger.
Creatures gathered around them, and Clare proved to them the truth of the Emperor Turtle. Emperor Turtle was sent to be judged by the Order, and the animals took foxes in as beloved allies. The moral of this tale is to stand up for what you believe in, and to make change yourself. Change only starts when you start
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