The Assassin: A Short Story Essays

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How do we handle fictional narratves? John Murdock woke up after a long night of drinking he got up and went to the kitchen and put the kettle on. Then he walked out to his boat house there was his pride and joy a 8m, aluminium hull, dark red quintrex with twin Yamaha 200hp out boards.
John walked back to the house, and poured himself a strong cup of coffee and sat down at his table
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When the cruiser pulled up alongside a suit stepped out the cab of the cruiser and calmly said “hello John my name is Bob Metabo I have a job that needs doing” john replied “what do you need doing” “step across and we will talk about it” one of the suits threw across a rope John caught it and tied it on to the quintrex.
Bob stepped into the cab of the cruiser and sat down at a table John followed Bob exclaimed “have you ever heard of Zen Alcarid” John replied “no” “he is the leader of a small country in the middle east called Cyprus, our company has about 50 oil rigs out to sea from Cyprus and Zen is sending out teams of men and taking them over he has control of about 20 at the moment”, “We need someone to assassinate him” explained Bob. John demanded “I want $10million dollars one of the suits put a brief case on the table and undid the latches and lifted the lid there was a wads and wads of 100 dollar notes Bob stated there is $5million the other is in a overseas bank account. John asked “when do I start” Bob exclaimed “right now I will send one of my men to take your boat home and there will be a chopper here soon.
John and Bob stepped out of the cab and there was the chopper

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