Essay On Lincoln's Assassination

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If I was born a boy, my name would have been Lincoln. As I was growing up, my dad spoke highly of Lincoln’s humility, honesty, and unconditional love for his fellow citizens. Lincoln was raised in a simple log cabin, but he worked diligently to receive an education. Education was not his only goal; he continued to strive for greatness. Lincoln became the sixteenth President of the United States. However, the presidential power never swayed him from his humble roots. They were like the roots of a large oak, unshakeable. Even amidst national controversy, Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed African Americans from their slavery. He was known as “Honest Abe” because he voiced his honest opinion. As I learned more about Lincoln, I started to admire the former President. When I was in sixth and seventh grade, I became old enough to start understanding and seeing the problems we were faced with as a…show more content…
I was taught about his upbringing and his road to presidency, but I also uncovered a major event in his life. Shockingly, my father forgot to mention a crucial historical event: Abraham Lincoln’s death. He was shot for his courage to change the nation. His death was no accident either; it was a premeditated attack by someone who disagreed with Lincoln’s decision to end slavery. I was shocked, sad, and frightened at first. How could someone ever want to hurt such a positive influence to the country? Moreover, I was scared to death about the power in standing up for my beliefs if they were controversial. However, the more I thought about the way he died, the more I realized how much of a hero Lincoln truly was. He died because he had an unpopular belief, but he never changed who he was. He also never gave up on his hopes for this country. Lincoln taught me to always stay true to my beliefs, no matter the circumstance. From then on, I started to change the way I viewed the
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