The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy

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Article ONE It was, and still remains, one of the most controversial cases in American history. There are plenty of conspiracy theories, philosophies, and thoughts on what happened that fateful day, but one-question remains; who really killed President Kennedy? John F. Kennedy was born in Massachusetts on May 29, 1917 where he grew up in a large family with eight brothers and sisters (“John F. Kennedy,” 2009). John was a popular student and actively participated in many sports, and although he wasn’t the smartest student, his father always believed he’d become someone great. Kennedy graduated from Harvard in 1940 and would soon join the Navy, which is when his political career would begin (“Life of John,” n.d.). During his time in the Navy, John lost his brother Joe in a plane crash, which changed everything for him. When he returned from the Navy after the war ended he was awarded the Marine Corps Metal for his leadership and courage (“Life of John,” n.d.). These events influenced Kennedy to think about what he wanted to do as a lifelong career, and his older brother soon convinced him to run for Congress (“Life of John,” n.d.). After serving his term in Congress, Kennedy quickly became popular with both his peers and the people, and on July 13, 1960 the Democratic Party nominated him as a candidate for President. President Kennedy would be the youngest and first Catholic President of the United States. During his Presidency Kennedy wanted to achieve great things and

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