The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy

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O’Reilly and Dugard’s book, Killing Kennedy, is about the events leading to President John F. Kennedy being shot, as well as what happened after the assassination. This book also describes the rise and fall of John F. Kennedy. The authors also wrote about the Cold War, Kennedy dealing with communism, and threats of crime. January of 1961, the cold war was growing stronger and Kennedy was struggling with communism. During all of this happening, he was learning what it meant to be a president. He had ran into enemies from the Soviet Union, Cuba, and the Central Intelligence Agency. He also had an organized crime targeting his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy. This book was written in present tense. How the authors described the assassination of John F. Kennedy, made you almost feel like you were there watching it. The numbers they had written in the book had meaning to every singe one. 156 (the cars wheelbase in inches); 350 (the horsepower of the car); SS-100-X (the cars secret service code name); 120 (the angle of the car to turn into Dealey Plaza); 12:33 (the time the president was assassinated); 14 (doctors the tended to Kennedy); 12 (bloody roses they laid upon his dead body). The events leading up to the assassination of John F. Kennedy are almost as tragic as the assassination itself. Killing Kennedy recorded the hero and deceiving of Camelot. It brought history to life in a way that would make the reader crave more. The events that happened with Oswald and

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